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Our MINISTRY Opportunities:
Intercessory Prayer Team ~ Our Intercessory Prayer Team consist of a group of saints that are diligent in prayer and consecration for the spiritual health and vibrancy of our ministry and its leadership. They are prayer warriors who intercede on behalf of our Church and the many prayer requests received. They lead out in ministry shut-ins and prayer vigils. In addition, they also visit the sick and shut-in and  enhance each members understanding of a consistant prayer life and understanding of the purpose and power of prayer.  
The Diaconate ~ Oversees administrative and spiritual matters of our church. They are ministry assistants and serve the congregation as assigned. Promote unity of fellowship; assist in executing the Ordinances of the church, and handles membership concerns and assignments as delegated by the Pastor.
Board Of Trustees ~ Oversee the financial, business and physical property of the church to include: Holds in trust for the use and benefit of the church any assets which shall become property of the church with or without proper legal designation either by gift, deed, or will; Responsible for the ministry of caring for the management and distribution of funds, along with the maintenance, preservation and protection of church property; Assists the Pastor in budget development and aids in the overall monitoring of the financial matters of the ministry.  
Ministerial Council ~ Works with our Pastor in implementing assigned ministerial duties and responsibilities. Supports, undergirds and serves as extended arms of the Pastor; Serves as the internal infrastructure of the ministry consisting of dedicated elders, ministers, evangelists, deaconess and aspiring missionaries who have accepted the call of God and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ to faithfully serve the people of God. 
Evangelism ~ The ministry of Evangelism is the outreach arm of the ministry. The department consists of the Institutional/Prison Ministry, Tract Ministry, Convalescent Home Ministry and the street witnessing team. These groups are responsible to carry the Gospel beyond the walls of the church into the highways and hedges compelling men and women to a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. The Ministerial Council of Elders, Ministers and Missionaries are a major part of the work of the department.  
Street Witnessing Team  ~ An imperative for all christian believers is witnessing. So in keeping with the great commission to spread the Gospel, the witnessing ministry regularly goes into the streets of our community to share the love of Jesus Christ and minister salvation to the lost.  
The Mothers Board ~ The Mother’s Board consists of a group of women who are assembled to teach and admonish other women to a Holy walk. The board is an extension of the pastor’s arm, and because of their tenure and longevity in the church, they assist, and are helpful in the implementation of the women’s work of the church. They are women of keen insight, and have at their disposal the rich heritage of our great church along with their own personal experiences that allow them to be examples of true saints of God. They are committed to diligent and vigilant intercessory prayer for the pastor and the church, and assist the general church mother in supporting, with their prayers and by their actions, the entire Department of Women’s Ministries.
Christian Education Ministry ~ The Christian Education Ministry is comprised of various training and teaching ministries of our church including Sunday School, Tuesday Night Bible Study and our mentoring programs for different age groups.  
Music Worship & Arts Ministry ~ Provides ministry through music as an enhancement to our worship experience. Our Music Ministry consists of all choirs, groups, ensembles, praise teams, musicians and minstrels of our church. Our music ministry’s involvement includes, but is not limited to, Sunday services, revivalsnew cd/video recordings, crusades, funerals, special services, community events, etc. In addition, upon request, certain components of our music ministry will accompany Pastor Jones and the HCM congregation on designated ministry engagements.  


Fine Arts Ministry ~ Our Fine Arts Ministry includes dance, drama, mime, step team, drill team 
                                   and other fine arts interpretative presentations all to the glory of God. Presentations include  
                                   worship services, special events, along with our annual Easter and Christmas presentations.  

Senior’s Ministry ~ Our Senior's ministry consists of persons age 60 and over. This group organizes and seeks ways to develop ministerial services for seniors to include seminars, retreats, trips to places of interest and various other fellowships. In addition, this ministry concerns itself with family members of senior citizens who may not be members of the Church, and focuses on educating the congregation and general public about the dynamics of aging in its total perspective. 

Youth Ministry  ~ The objective of our Youth Ministry (YPWW..Young People Willing Workers) is to motivate and inspire spiritual and physical growth by providing enthusiastic youth programs that are designed to be life changing and fulfilling to today’s youth. Our Youth Church, Youth Bible Study and Friday Night fellowships are just a few of our ministries that comprise our powerful YOUTH MINISTRY! 

Childrens Ministry ~ Our Children’s Ministry provides a great experience specifically geared toward meeting the needs and interest of the youth! The goal of our children’s Ministry is to keep their worship experience vibrant, interesting, inclusive and relevant to youth who many times feel otherwise excluded or void of a full understanding of their Christian Faith! They have MANY activities including singing, teaching, scripture reading, and a sermonic address modified specifically for youth understanding along with film presentations to name a few...  

Couples Ministry  ~ Our focus is to develop a strong family unit within the home. The love of God, family, and church are emphasized as important ingredients toward a successful marriage. In this time of unprecedented divorce rates, it is imperative that the church provide support, through the ministry, to those that have vowed before God and to each other, “till God, by death, shall separate us”. Our Married Couple’s Ministry holds various fellowship opportunities to encourage and motivate strong unions between married couples.
Singles Ministry ~ The ministry is designed as a support mechanism to single adults in their Christian walk. Its members are encouraged and admonished through Biblical teaching to practice principles of Godliness as a way of life. In addition, various social and spiritual fellowships and outings are held annually in keeping with the doctrines and spiritual beliefs of our church. All single adults are encouraged to be members of our awesome  Single’s Ministry.
Mens Ministry  ~ The purpose of our Mens Ministry is to develop Christian discipleship and brotherhood that inspires men to their rightful place in God, family and church! Our Men's Ministry is involved in various activities that promote and inspire self-betterment along with the physical and spiritual fulfillment of men in their quest to be all God has destined them to be. In addition, the group serves as a mentoring mechanism for young boys, and promotes attributes that will enhance ones development of a responsible citizen of the Kingdom of God and the community in which he lives.  

Womens Ministry ~ Our Womens Ministry consists of all women’s auxiliaries, circles and units. 
This department exists for the purpose of specific ministry to and for women of  HCM. It is designed to edify and enhance women in their quest to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.  

Transportation Ministry ~ This ministry is designed to help our members get to and from our church services and other ministry engagements in the safest manner possible. It will also coordinate logistics for our new church vans and buses for each of our services in the near future.
Health & Wellness Ministry ~ Our Health & Wellness Ministry applies the Biblical principles to the physical and mental wellness of the total man. This ministry focuses on nutrition, health, diet, and exercise programs. Throughout the year, the ministry sponsors various health initiatives for the benefit of the membership and the public.
Bereavement Ministry ~ Bereavement is a period of mourning. It is often the most difficult time for a family. Thus, members of our church family that are bereaving the transition of a loved one needs to know that there is love expressed by their church. This ministry has a short term, yet, a long-range focus in that the grief-process is, often, not short lived. Therefore, the members of this ministry are prepared to remain involved for the long haul. Their responsibilities and duties involve consoling, supporting and ministering healing to the bereaved during their difficult period of loss.  
Prison Ministry  ~ Provides support and ministerial care to incarcerated persons and their families. Worship services and Bible study sessions are a major thrust of this ministries’ responsibility. In addition, the Institutional Ministry provides mentoring and post moral support after completion of  their period of incarceration. Participants are required to undergo an extensive training program before commencing fieldwork, and are expected to commit themselves to the fulfillment of this ministry’s responsibility.  
New Beginnings Ministry ~ A ministry of reconciliation and restoration. A healing ministry designed to minister to individuals facing various addictions. Its focus is deliverance through the power of Jesus Christ, and its goal is a sustaining ministry designed as a support mechanism to the addict and his/her family (co-dependents). This ministry will be administered by the Baltimore city division of AA and NA starting September 2010. Sessions will take place every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm in the HCM sanctuary.  
Culinary Arts ~ This Ministry takes care of all food coordination and preparation for  different  
                          church functions as well as  maintaining our  food pantry,  holiday food basket give-aways, 
                          families in bereavement, displaced families, etc.  

 Birthday Club ~ This is a fun way of celebrating the birthday's of all of our members through e- 
                          mails, text messages, cards, church Calendar, announcements, etc. There's nothing like 
                          celebrating your special day with the ones you Love!
Facilities Maintenance  ~ This Ministry takes care of all areas concerning the proper functioning, cleaning, repairs, building contracting, lock up, maintenance of all of our facilities on a daily basis.  
Neighborhood/Community Beautification Team  ~ This Ministry coordinates with the residents of our community to plant flowers, picks up trash, coordinates painting vacant boarded up buildings within our church block/community. It takes great pride in the appearance of the entire community that our church resides in. This leadership role will also inspire residents in the community to consistantly do their part in improving their own properties. 
Public Relations ~ Our Public Relations Ministry is responsible for all print, audio and media advertising for HCM. This Department initiates press releases, public address announcements, and radio and TV ads. Interfaces with media personalities and promotes public awareness and visibility of our ministry utilizing a variety of advertising venues. It also recommends ways and means of achieving an effective public promotion of the ministry works of our Church, and ensures that all of our Events are adequately advertised to maximize support, participation and achievement of our ministry goals and objectives.  
Outreach Ministry ~  Our Community Outreach Ministry provides substance, support 
                                   and care to persons of less fortunate means within our church and community. In 
                                   compliance with established policies and procedures, our charities/missions ministry has 
                                   designated the Maryland Special Olympics and the HCM Widows & Orphans Fund for 
                                   this season. Our church food pantry and clothing bank along with our annual holiday 
                                   basket give-a-ways are among the many outreach ministries of HCM and a passion of our 
                                   Pastor & First Lady! 
Security Ministry  ~ The security team is responsible for ensuring that certain modes of security and protective measures are observed and maintained at all times. The ministry and/or its property and resources, along with the pastor and his family are inclusive of the security details responsibilities. In addition, to the best of the ministry’s ability, the security team is responsible to the membership at large, congregants and guest of the ministry, while on church property, to ensure a vibrant and safe experience during church services and events.  
Hospitality Ministry ~ Our Hospitality Ministry is comprised of individuals who enjoy serving others. They extend to guests and friends of the pastor and church a helping hand and a friendly spirit. These individuals 
                                   are friendly, warm and engaging, and are dedicated to the comfort of church guests satisfying their 
                                   hunger and thirst at designated times.  They primarily serve at the discretion of the pastor and 
                                   assist their president in fulfilling her request for special service when and where needed.
Ushers Ministry ~ The Usher Ministry consists of a group of men and women who are dedicated to   
                                    “order” in the house of the Lord. This ministry is designed to portray the love that Christ has for 
                                     all mankind through rendering service to the congregation and its guest. Seating, necessary                                               sanctuary errands and a general rule of maintaining reverence in the Lord’s house are among the                                       Ushers’ responsibilities.
Greeters Ministry ~ Our Greeters Ministry, in most cases, are among the first impressions of our 
                                     ministry. They are responsible to greet, welcome and provide information and direction for our 
                                     guest upon entering the church complex. Their responsibilities, furthermore, includes securing 
                                     visitor information and assuring that guest are properly directed, in addition to alerting ministry 
                                     staff of any protocol concerns.

Membership Services ~ Membership Services is the in-reach arm of our ministry. This ministry is 
                                    responsible to ensure that all of our HCM membership is adequately served by our ministry. 
                                    Components of this ministry include orientation,  in our new membership classes, membership 
                                    benefits and services ensuring that no member is left to fall by the wayside.  
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